Topic: nice 1 + best game since q2ctf
Posted by Obz Sunday, February 19th, 2006 - 18:09 CET [387]
nice one guys. You seem to be just totally woping on q4 and did brilliantly in q3. Nice to you see cga still going for must be close to 10 years!

I was sensible enough not to play wow and haven't tried cod2, but seen my time disappearing with gunz.

You basically have a sword and a gun and as you level up, you can buy better stuff. The thing I really like is the controls. Double tapping movement keys sends you into crazy rolls, then you have wall running, bouncing wall to wall, then comboing together, basically just fun to play.

You can see a few examples of movement tricks here:

and download the game for totally free here:
setup free account, then just jump on in and have some fun

I hope all is good with everyone

Take it easy

Obz / Themullet / Steve
Reply posted by Wo Friday, March 31st, 2006 - 19:02 CET [388]
Ob ! omg was wondering how you were doing lately. You've been playing WoW too... shame on you ! I could get out of it few weeks ago! insanly addictive
Reply posted by GK- Wednesday, May 31st, 2006 - 15:03 CET [389]

hehe - 'ello old chums

Managed to quit full time raiding in WoW the other day - but Guildwars has kinda snuck up on me - just started playing it the other day.

Nice to hear CGA is still going strong !

Anyways - back to work.
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