Topic: FAO: lq - apology
Posted by Obz Tuesday, September 17th, 2002 - 22:40 CET [95]
Had over a year away and realised I never did actually apologise for the way I left. My reasons for leaving were many. Main one was the post on the CGA board about how much Angelbob hated his brother, sad to see a clan you loved turned into that. I talked it over with the leader at the time and told him I had decided to leave for the reason of having some actual games again, rather then the practice has been cancelled again.

Lots changed in a year, with uni, stupid ammounts being smoked, hitch to amsterdam and also with a nice clan again for q2ctf which is just like the olden days with everyone chilled.

What can I say other then sorry for being a muppet and leaving without telling you personally.

Obz / Steve / Themullet
icq: 28002438
Reply posted by Lordy Wednesday, September 18th, 2002 - 20:18 CET [96]
Hey Obs, not to worrie.

With the exception of maybe Dill and me no one else knows anything about the shit that happened all those moons ago

Hell, I actually missed it

Now go and finish your joint dude
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