Topic: tonight's games...
Posted by Wednesday, October 02nd, 2002 - 00:39 CET [97]
..were exceedingly irritating :/ Seems we're the only clan left in the league with players that actually enjoy the game enough to turn up still...

I blame UT2gay3 and Savage postponing stuff so badly myself. Hadn't actually noticed the Savage servers being that bad suring matches, although we'd been using .de CGA a lot at the time... Was it really that much of an issue that they needed to call the league off? Wondering just how much the inactivity is gonna hurt us in the long run :/
Reply posted by Dill Wednesday, October 02nd, 2002 - 14:23 CET [98]
The AA games we played last Tuesday night were on a Savage server and to be honest, it was horrible. Nothing like the CGA server, I had a multicoloured netgraph for a good part of the game. Apparently it gets much worse in league conditions, or so they say…

I would prefer to play on a laggy server arrangement than to have the games postponed. PPing the league breaks up the momentum and unfortunately (as we’ve seen) people/clans lose interest.

It is a shame more clans aren’t as enthusiastic and reliable as CGA. The only other clan like that is AA. If the situation doesn’t improve very soon I will have a word with FireFox and see if we can sort something out.
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