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 Sunday 27 Febuary 2000, 13:15 CET - Clan Structure Complete

I have updated our members section to reflect our present and for the moment final membership status. As you can see it is split into 3 sections:

   - Active: Players that can attend Tuesdays and Thursdays practices and Sundays games.
   - Member: CGA members that cannot be active due to real life commitments.
   - Former Member: Players that are no longer with CGA.

I have received all but 1 response to my post from the 17th Feb. 2000. Thanks to all that asked to stay in CGA :)
I did not however get any response from Lee_Funk and therefore have asked him to look for another clan. It was nice having Lee around, when he was around ;) GL m8.

On another note: Taffy and myself have joined a Q3A CTF clan called "Your Worst Nightmare". We are looking forward to some diversity and hope to find it with Q3A.

Just another reminder to all members to go to our Message Board and read the thread entitled "Bad Language"!

Lord Quake

 Saturday 26 Febuary 2000, 15:15 CET - "Bad Language"

I want everyone especially CGA members to go to our Message Board and read the thread entitled "Bad Language"!

Lord Quake

New blood in CGA, we're all aware that Torben is on trial and today I would like to officially welcome Torben as active member within our wings.
Having the "CGA-" designation isn't new to Torben because he was one of the original members long long ago. But his craving for the game has returned and he thought he would knock on our door first.
So members, please give CGA-Torben a big wing flap salute ;)

Lord Quake

 Friday 25 Febuary 2000, 14:20 CET - Savage finally answers!

I finally got an official answer from the Savage league council concerning our game against QID. They have acknowledged that it was a "cock-up", a mistake on there part and have apologized. As far as I'm concerned the case is closed.

Savage have also reformulated the wording in there news section about our withdrawal from Q3A CTF league ;)

Lord Quake

 Saturday 19 Febuary 2000, 17:45 CET - "Try at your own risk!" ;)

Ok guys, I just can't keep this Chimp bit to myself. Believe me, you'll have a good laugh ;)

Lord Quake

 Thursday 17 Febuary 2000, 16:55 CET - Clan Reorganization!

Hello fellow members.

Due to instances I have had to face in the last couple of weeks I have decided to reset clan status to all members. This means that as of now CGA has no clan members. I am counting on that all members read this and decide if they want to remain members in CGA by answering the questions below and sending me an email.
The following modifications for all clan members are as follows:

   - You must be able to attend all Tuesdays practices between 9:00-11:00 PM GMT.
   - You must be able to attend all Thursdays practices between 9:00-11:00 PM GMT.
   - You must be able to attend all Sunday Savage matches in the afternoon/evening.

Of course no one can guarantee the times but I am counting on dedicated players here.
Please state if you accept the above times with YES or NO.

I would also like to know your present connection type (Modem, ISDN, Cable…) and when you might be upgrading your connection. This has mainly to due with the fact that Savage League have changed the LPB rule. As off next season there will be no LPB restrictions. This will make our lives very difficult and thus I need to know where we stand at the moment. This does NOT mean that members with >120 ping can't play but everyone must realize that winning matches against clans that post 6 LPB's will be very difficult.

I have scraped CGA's involvement in Quake3Arena CTF at the moment.
Any involvement in RA2 will be decided on a later date.
RA2 Cup will continue.

My personal involvement with CGA will decrease soon and I am not going to be bothered with being depressed at times by immature behavior from some clan members.
I want to enjoy playing the game again and I want to be able to count on all participating members for some enjoyable teamplay.

The deadline for your response is the 26th Feb. 2000 midnight. Your membership will be terminated if I don't receive a response after the above-mentioned date!

Please also use this moment to comment on anything about the clan in general.


Lord Quake

 Monday 14 Febuary 2000, 13:25 CET - BW CTF Super Cup, Savage Updates

Here is some important news concerning next seasons Savage games taken from the Savage page:

- There will be NO LPB limits in the next Season.
- Due to a bug within id's code we will start using L-Fire.
- We will use Random Quad and PS Spawning to combat Automated timers.
- Proxies are still banned.
- Season9 Start date will be the 5th March 2000 with lfctf1 being the first map played.

There are lots of reasons for the above .. As we said a few seasons ago the council would keep an eye on the LPB/HPB ratio and would have a vote on the subject twice a season. We feel that now is the right time for the change in rules. Please note that while we have taken off the LPB rule at this time, this will not stop us introducing a Super lpb rule if and when this becomes a problem within the League."

Obviously the LPB rule is a real concern to us as we are a Euro Clan and cannot provide 6 LPB players. We will have to discuss the matter as soon as possible. Stay tuned...

Our first Barrysworld CTF Super Cup match will start on the 16th this week. We will be playing against our friends from CTFr. Match begin will be at 20:30GMT and running 2x20min.
Each clan can pick a map out of Q2CTF1, Q2CTF2, Q2CTF3, Q2CTF5 and PITCHCTF1. Btw, if you have the old map "PITCHCTF1" then you must download the revised one here!
Please head over to the message board to post the map you would like to play on if you can attend.
I'm really counting on a full team so please try to make it on Wednesday :)

If you would like more information on the rules then head over to Barrysworld CTF Super Cup league page.

Oh and one more thing, happy Valentine's Day everyone :)

Lord Quake

 Sunday 06 Febuary 2000, 21:55 CET - Savage match WINS! :))))

It paid off! Our practices this week clearly helped us to these glorious 2 victories today! :))
I want to thank all members for this season. And of course in particular to everyone today for making it a very nice birthday present. We now stay in div 4 :)
I'm sure next season we can contend to moving to div 3. Lets give it our best!

Lord Quake

OK, we have a very important savage match against clan NKO today. We are in a must win situation guys, so lets give it our best.
It's very important that people hold their positions on this one else we'll get thrashed.

Players for the match are as follows:

   Player1 - Taffy
   Player2 - LordQuake
   Player3 - Taifun
   Player4 - K155
   Player5 - ObDeath
   Player6 - Dillinger
   Sub - Necrolord, Qrush

Good luck to you, and guys - win one for the gipper ;)

Lord Quake

 Friday 4th February 2000, 17:10 CET - Praccy with Hg... (Thnx Dill ;)

Another refreshing 3 games last night this time with Hg, a div 1 clan. Some bitched about the map (Q2CTF2K1) but I actually like it very much. Only thing that bothers me is the HPB v LPB. Again under the circumstances we did excellent I'd say :)
I hope we have more games like these :)

Lord Quake

 Tuesday 01 February 2000, 21:30 CET - Revised rules!

Important notice to all members. The rules have been revised to version 1.2. In particular paragraph II Duties section b has been updated. I'd like all members to read them. Those members who haven't agreed to them must do so!

Please click on "Clan Stuff" -> "Rules" on the bottom of this page or point your mouse to the right menu on "Rules".

Lord Quake

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