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 Sunday 26th March 2000, 22:40 CET - Last news entry...

It is very unfortunate that I haven't gotten any responses to my plea's from the news post on the 19th about having others helping me out!
I have therefore decided to not actively participate in any practices/games for the clan due to real life pressure.
This will be my last news post for the time being.

Lord Quake

 Sunday 19th March 2000, 16:00 CET - Updates...

It has been a long time since the last update. We had our first Savage games against TAA. It ended up in a draw with us winning the first game and TAA coming back to win the second game. Every game against TAA seems to end up in a draw.

We are down 1 player after K155 had to leave us. Therefore we need to recruit 1 or better 2 skilled players as HPB.
Anyone who comes across good players should please contact me or Taifun.

As many of you know, I've entered the work force again. As it looks today my new responsibilities will take a large amount of time away from me playing Quake2 and especially organizing this clan!
I'm therefore forced to reduce my activity dramatically! This means that we need volunteers for the following duties as soon as possible:

   - CTF Captain
   - Practice organizer
   - News writer

Please contact me if you are interested as any of the above mentioned functions.

Lord Quake

 Thursday 09 March 2000, 13:55 CET - Season 9 fixtures

The Season 9 fixtures and divisions are finally available. Check out the schedule page for times and dates; no Q2CTF1 against TAA this time ;(

Lord Quake

 Tuesday 07 March 2000, 23:55 CET - AFT, LPB Limit, Friendlies

Nice 2 games with AFT again. We where doing well on the second game but suddenly, 2 min to the end a bad server connection popped up and almost all players got lagged out.

Lord Quake

Savage have posted the results about the LPB situation. LPB limit will remain at 4 LPBs for season 9. The 7th map will be LFCTF2: Farewell to Kings. This should help us.

We had some nice friendlies the past couple of days. But i can't understand what happened to the last game against THC. Hey MoRe, you sure you know how to play CTF? ;))

Lord Quake

 Friday 03 March 2000, 11:55 CET - CGA loses an old friend :(

Last night one off our most dedicated members in the clan has decided to call it quits. Qrush joined CGA on Friday 12th February 1999. Thru Qrush I got into the CTF Clan arena. Nice move m8 ;) Unfortunately, it has been getting harder and harder for members such as Qrush to enjoy games on servers in the UK. I remember where Qrush had clean and lag free connections. At times we where even having problems with the LPB rule! But that has changed and our Euro-Members are having a very tough and frustrating time trying to enjoy Q2 CTF in the Savage league. At some point in time you lose total motivation and bust your mouse against the wall ;( I fully understand what your going through m8, we are all getting older ;)
No doubt, you will stop by once in a while to see what CGA is up to. It was a nice time having you aboard Qrush. Good luck in finding a clan and league where you can enjoy the thrills of victories were you where a part in!

Cheers Qrush

Lord Quake

 Wednesday 01 March 2000, 17:55 CET - Praccy with AFT..., Div 3!

Well beleave it or not but we will start in div 3 when we play our first season on Sunday, March 12th!
This is the PRELIMINARY div 3 lineup for next season. It is subject to change if some clans do re-register at the eleventh hour.

Division 3

Lord Quake

2 refreshing games with AFT last night. We had control through out both games. Our team was even in a disadvantage concerning connection quality but we still where able to play 2 good games.

Demos are up too...

Lord Quake

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