The Grievous Angels have an insatiable thirst for Capture The Flag.
Capturing the flag is what we live for, what we die for. It is a just cause.
For those who fight for it, life has a flavour the sheltered never know.

Welcome to CGA, enjoy our site.

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 CGA lan 2 this weekend Thursday, May 15th, 2008 - 00:05 CET 

The second of CGA's beer+guns lans will be held this weekend at Fyrespray's geek house. On the menu is a solid evening of CPM, CCTF, ETQW, DDO and Wii/PSP abuse, coupled with a fair consumption of alcoholic beverages

Look for shots either here or on over the coming days

CGA are also looking for regular CPM CTF practices; come find us in #cga on

 First CPMCTF Monthly Cup Thursday, November 01st, 2007 - 07:46 CET 

The first of Thorman's CPM CTF cups ended last night, with CGA taking first place over Lobstarz in a three mapper with overtime loving and a nice comeback.

The four clans that finally ended up slated for the initial test Cup were sd, DSG, Lobstarz and our boys; the CGA roster ending up somewhat more supplimented than we expected after losing some of the old faces to study, work or whatever.

Group stages passed quickly, with CGA actually losing out to Lobstarz the first time the two clans met. But the final itself was played over three maps; the first, Camper Crossings (cp14) going to Lobby's team, but the other two; Spider Crossings (cp9) and Shining Forces (cp5) going to CGA, cp9 being won in over time

Played to Lobstarz and grats to our boys for as ever, doing us proud. Thanks to nek for pretty much taking charge in the absence of the uusal faces, and to Minky, Liam, noctis, Skint, GB and co for putting the effort in. Demos for the three games can be found here and here.

Looking forward to the 16th and the chance to actually play again believe me

 CGA bow out to default, looking for prac Friday, July 20th, 2007 - 08:16 CET 

A decisive show from default in both the vehicle and infantry rounds last night put CGA out of the CB ET:QW Cup at the Quarer-finals stage. Not a bad run for our first competition out with a great effort from the team, and plenty of experience gained ahead of the full release.

To that end, alongside our buddies eQ we're now looking for regular practice matches with at least one more clan. If you're interested and free weekdays or weekends between 20:00 and 22:00 UK time, pop into #cga on

wp guys!

 CGA take Clanbase ETQW Group C Wednesday, July 18th, 2007 - 01:12 CET 

An extremely challenging game against vA tonight puts CGA clear at the top of Group C ahead of the quarter finals this coming thursday. The game itself was more a battle against post work dappiness than anything else, but vA capitialised on our mistakes convincingly and made us work for every inch. That said, we took the game with style to make our mark on the table an obvious one.

Group C
1CGA Europe2--7/1

Match report for the vA game can be found here. Many thanks to our buddies at eQ for trying to scrape together a practice team at such short notice.

Wish us luck in the quarters!

 CB Second Division games commence Friday, July 13th, 2007 - 01:28 CET 

After a challenging but educational game against top italian Battlefield 2 infantry clan to determine qualifying division, we played our first game in the group stages tonight against UT2003 clan TEZC.

Time with clans such as one2 and n1ce payed off, and having applied much of what we'd learnt in the QWL game we were rewarded with a full hold during our first round as Strogg, followed by a hasty completion after swapping sides.

The infantry round saw us up first, and we managed a very respectable and unbeaten time of 6:31 to take the match 2-0. The full match report can be found here. gg's TEZC and gl with your next match.

We're due to play our remaining group opponent, vA, sometime next week to decide whether or not we go through to the next round.

Wish us luck!

 QWL begins Tuesday, July 10th, 2007 - 13:48 CET 

Busy week, and finally we have some league action with the start of QWL. CGA's run was short, facing favorites one2, one of the many teams in the closed beta who also have an extremely impressive BFxx42 history behind them. Good friends eQ also faced a similar fate in the hands of cause*, but both experiences were very positive, giving us a chance to see first hand how deep the rabbit hole goes.

With some 40 hours play time now under our belts I think we're all confident Splash Damage have got this one right. Although there's another map due in beta2, I can't wait for the final release and to get on with it properly.

In the mean time, keep an eye on the remaining QWL games. With the majority of the open beta clans now gone, big hitters dignatis, cZar, cause and one2 are left to show us what games will look like a few months after release.

 CGA and eQ games recommence Thursday, July 05th, 2007 - 23:48 CET 

We restarted clan practices offically tonight with a 4 game run with good friends EarthQuakers, whom we used to play with several times a week during our Wolf:ET days. Plenty of old faces on both sides, and as ever, eQ were a huge amount of fun to play, presenting a pleasant challenge with a rock solid attitude. Difficult to remember which way the games went, as we had to play them through on a public server with many kickvotes to keep the extra bodies out, and no idea if the server was carrying times between legs. That said, some fast times on both sides and some surprising tactics that both annoyed and amused

gg's eQ - here's looking forward to many more evenings of the same!

 Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (beta) Sunday, June 24th, 2007 - 23:50 CET 

So after two years of waiting we finally get the beta of Splash Damage's sequel to the Enemy Territory. With a fair degree of luck and FilePlanet loving we've managed to get most of the usual suspects into the beta, giving us a team for the forthcoming beta cup.

Current team as it stands;

Greenbastard (niceguy to everyone else )

The game itself is everything you could have hoped it would be, although a little harsh on the system requirements. That said, in typical Doom 3 engine style, it holds up extremely well on high ping, and fingers crossed; we may see some more transatlantic action with this game too.

Check back soon for league fixtures and info.

 CGA take Clanbase OpenCup Sunday, February 05th, 2006 - 23:00 CET 

After a gruelling 3 map final, CGA take their division in the Clanbase Q4 CTF OpenCup for Fall 2005. Demos and screenshots can be found here. This probably marks the end of our time with Quake 4 for a while, since the game is still vastly lacking in a lot of respects. Next up, probably Battlefield 2, or possibly a return to ET or CPM. Watch this space.

In the mean time, well played guys!

 X-Battle 0.10 Monday, December 19th, 2005 - 15:14 CET 

What the name says. Stuff included is generally useful, but sometimes over the top and bound to cause confusion. Still, shit happens.

Get it here

 CGA through to Semis in Jolt CTFL Cup Sunday, December 18th, 2005 - 22:01 CET 

One more step forward in a nail-biting two parter against Ra3 whores MKC. Despite the score lines, the games were tense to the finish, and the beginning 5-10 minutes of the second leg were awesome to play, with tactics shifting constantly until we found an opening worth talking about. Brilliant fun - watch for MKC in the league.

Leg one here.
Leg two here.

 Jolt CTFL opening Cup Round One Monday, December 12th, 2005 - 23:09 CET 

A win on Speed Trap followed by a win on Heartless puts us through to the quarter finals against a strong looking MKC this sunday. Wish us luck

 Savage Week 3 Monday, December 12th, 2005 - 09:05 CET 

Another match under our belt, this time against old rivals TJD in the ACTF league. Nothing from Clanbase this week after being handed a default by SoH. However, the Jolt CTF Cup starts tomorrow, so stil plenty to be getting on with \0/

 Savage and CB OpenCup Week 2 Wednesday, December 07th, 2005 - 08:54 CET 

Two weeks in an two wins in both competitions. A stonking first week against EI in Savage, followed by a close one against DOBO puts us seconed place on cap difference, with the top dog Ack to play next week. CB saw games against mYm and last night, DX!, with some amazing action from both teams. Currently sitting top of the bracket, we need only keep this pace up to make the play off's.

Wish us luck against AcK

 CGA to play in CB OpenCup and Savage Wednesday, November 16th, 2005 - 09:01 CET 

Busy winter ahead of us, with CGA entering Clanbase's Q4 CTF Open Cup, and Savage's ACTF league. Look for more details soon.

 CCTF Cup Week3 Tuesday, November 01st, 2005 - 14:10 CET 

After losses against the big boys Spooks last week, CGA come back against dutch rivals Rw in a two win blaze of glory on Gospel Crossings and Ultimatum, placing us 4th behind old skoolers SS, who we're due to play next week. Smells like crunch time to me :P

In other news, Dill's also signed us up for the forthcoming Clanbase Q4 5v5 CTF Open Cup, and entered us on the 4v4 CTF ladder, for which our first game will be wednesday night, against WTF. Wish us luck =)

 Remember this anyone? :P Tuesday, October 18th, 2005 - 09:07 CET 

The Last Evar CCTF Cup kicked off last night as a raging success, with a full turn out and eight stunning games. Played in the spirit of the cup, attitudes were good and whine was kept to a minimum, with FLQ even dropping a player when TJD*Giant ran out of time. (omg Giant played! o_0) Spot on guys.

As for CGA, we faced old rivals nAo, and the map poule system made sure neither team were on maps they were 100% comfortable with.

gg's guys, and lo to newboys Vorv (recognize him anyone? :P) and Skint. wp!

Week 2 sees us matched with our Season 9 nemesis Spooks - 9pm UK time in #q3cctf on Quakenet irc for GTV details Wish us luck!

 Quake 4 Gold Tuesday, October 04th, 2005 - 08:30 CET 

Final release ships around Otcober 18th, closer to the 21st for Europe. Here we go again everyone :P

 CCTF mini Cup signups open Saturday, September 10th, 2005 - 15:58 CET 

yep, it looks solid for the end of september, with 6 clans signed or ready to sign in only a few days. Lots of retro action, lots of grappling fun and lots of 8x rapage. Sound interesting? Go here.

 Quake 3 CCTF mini Cup soon? Sunday, September 04th, 2005 - 18:52 CET 

As I'm sure you can tell from the lack of updates, shortly after Doom 3 looked like it was getting going, the 1.3 patch came along and killed it. Instantly dissolved community due to lack of fps death :/ Still, we can but try :P

Next step is obviously the forthcoming Quake 4, which again looks extremely promising, but also comes with the same client requirement fears we had for Doom 3. You can see several shakey cam videos of the game here and here, wih some particularly good CTF footage here, although I have no idea how long these mirrors will last. All of this footage is from Quakecon 2005, with the game slated to appear in October.

See that - that's our's that is :P

In the mean time it appears we've stumbled upon a bit of a revival in the CCTF scene, with the possibility of a two or three day mini Cup appearing before Quake 4 hits. Currently confirmed are ourselves, CGA, bits of nao, bits of leto, maybe some FLQ and spks, rw and even the chance of AA showing up. Sounds interesting? - get yourself into #q3cctf on

 CGA have landed! Wednesday, April 13th, 2005 - 23:23 CET 

Study done and out of the way, we got our first run around together on the few servers that are available for Doom 3 CTF, while we see out the wait for the linux binaries to arrive... It appears we've already made our mark :P

With talk of both tourney and CTF cups coming soon from, and the possibility of sommit Dill's got on the cooker, we could well be in for a summer of Doom 3 delights while we wait for Quake 4 to arrive after Quakecon. Given we appear to be a member or two short atm, anyone up for some CTF, with a machine capable of D3 and a good playing attitude should pop into #cga and pm Dillinger.

See you on a server soon, and well played to everyone we've run into so far!

 Ressurection of Evil... Tuesday, April 05th, 2005 - 19:42 CET out, it rocks, and yes, we'll be playing it Might take a while to raise a few extra members, (anyone interested in a Doom 3 CTF squad should wander by #cga on Quakenet irc,) and maybe even longer to find a tournement to play in, (unless we end up running it again of course :P) but we'll deffo be moving to the expansion pack as soon as it's available in the UK.

All your base! ;p

 Doom 3 RoE 4v4 CTF due in 12 days! Thursday, March 24th, 2005 - 09:05 CET 

Round we go again, this time with id waking up to the total lack of features in last year's release, and shoe-horning 4v4 CTF by Threewave into the forthcoming Doom 3 expansion. Will it be good enough to draw the Angels back out of the wood work? Will id give us sommit worth playing while we wait for Quake 4? Guess we'll find out soon enough

 Happy Holidays Friday, December 24th, 2004 - 09:43 CET 

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year.
Hope all your wishes will be fulfilled

Happy Holidays

Season greetings all!

Lord Quake

 Doom 3 hits the UK Saturday, August 14th, 2004 - 09:58 CET 

Rather predictably held back for a Friday the 13th launch in the UK, id software's Doom 3 finally hit UK stores yesterday morning, and clan members are finally recieving their preorders or high street copies ready for the new game's fragfests to begin. Expect Doom 3 to be added to the CGA server as soon as the linux binaries emerge, and he's looking forward to the first of the UK leagues

  Monday, April 26th, 2004 - 22:25 CET 

We're alive Look out for coming news soon...

 ET Season 2 Wednesday, February 18th, 2004 - 19:47 CET 

Division 2
Pos Clan P W d D L d F A D Pts
1 BiO 9 9 3 0 0 9 0 9 27
2 CGA 9 6 3 1 2 7 3 4 19
3 LxG| 9 6 3 0 3 6 3 3 18
4 [BEER] 9 6 3 0 3 6 3 3 18
5 m3 9 5 4 1 3 6 4 2 16
6 [EQ] 9 4 3 1 4 5 5 0 13
7 -KiL- 9 4 3 1 4 1 5 5 0 13

What can I say Considering the hassle we've been through this season, losing various ppl at different stages along the way, having to play without a full team due to administration duties, plus tonnes of real life hassle for many of us, this really should be sommit to celebrate. Even believe foursure popped a bottle of sommit, tho that's prolly him finding cheap excuses to get lashed Anyway, congrats everyone \0/ Here's looking forward to season 3 (20+ sign ups already!)

 CGA little league begins! Tuesday, February 10th, 2004 - 16:11 CET 

(Fyrespray) Baby boy born at 12:21, weighing 4.51 pounds. Mother and baby doing well

Congrats from us all m8

 Happy Xmas! Thursday, December 25th, 2003 - 23:19 CET 

Enjoy you lot, hope you've had a good one.

 ET week 8... Thursday, October 30th, 2003 - 09:43 CET 

Well well, we're not doing any better with webby updates are we 8 weeks into the league and we currently lie in second place, 3 points behin joint leaders Gi Gi and BeeR. With just BeeR left to play in the final week of the season next tuesday, it's all or nothing to secure a play off place for promotion, with the action due to take place on Radar. Potentially the most tactical map in the rotation, it could definantly be a blinder....

A fond welcome back to old CCTF sparring partners SCB... m0y on the b0rg too, is this the The of ET?

Savage itself has gone well, all things considered, with a reasonable amount of natural wastage, but with decent, committed clans left. Dill's done a stirling job of coping with both running CGA and running the league, despite the considerable hassle involved - we've only suffered in terms of not having enough numbers to field a team due to admin duties twice I believe, although it did cost us at the time.

Notice the late starting Shamus... pretty gutting :/

A couple of classy match reports up on Savage from newboy Chris '4$ure' Thornett, who's settled into an invaluable medic role rather quickly. Props to him for fitting in so well. Nice work from Leon and Samson too, despite heavy committments away from the game.

Only problem with this game - if you do a good job, it's over in a matter of minutes :/

And a sad farewell of sorts to resident northern lad JP, who's buckled to real life pressures for a bit. Deffo missing that FG42 of your's m8

Anyway, wp to all and cheers for the effort so far. With season 2 round the corner and potentially a lot less hassle for Dill adminning, we could have a good one on our hands \0/ gl to us all on tuesday

 Savage ET Stop Watch League - Week 1 Wednesday, September 10th, 2003 - 23:14 CET 

Eek! It’s been just over 2 months since my last news update; I suppose I’ve been a bit preoccupied.

The Savage ET cup was an utter shambles! Some might say that certain people running it were lazy, indifferent, uninspired even? It’s probably more diplomatic for me to put it down to a lack of preparation. Poor JP worked his wee socks off to sort out the mess others had left him in.

How bad was it? Well, put it this way, no other clan in our group showed up so we won by default and were straight through to the Quarter Finals, where we were promptly knocked out by Killuminati.

As the previous league admin went AWOL and forgot to tell anyone, JP, Ninemil and myself assumed control of the league, 2 days before it was due to commence. After some discussion we came up with a few good ideas and put them into action. We held a dry run last Tuesday to see who would actually bother showing. There was quite a good response, 33 clans signed up, 7 either dropped out or didn’t show. The official first night of the league was last night and it ran rather smoothly. - CGA even won a game in Dvision 3!

Savage ET League

Jolly good show chaps!

Lastly but most importantly, I have to say congratulations are in order for our Mark (aka Fyrespray) and Mili (his missus). I was recently informed that Mili is with child! Congrats you two! \0/

Playing lots of NWN eh Fyre? Yeh course you were! … we know what you were up to!


 Savage ET League... Monday, August 18th, 2003 - 11:18 CET 

...starts 2nd of September. Not 100% on the team sizes required yet, there's talk of 6v6 being allowed and 7v7/8v8 being optional, but we'll have to wait and see for an offical announcement. List of signed up clans is here. Regular games again \0/

 Savage ET Cup Starts Next Tuesday! Thursday, July 10th, 2003 - 19:45 CET 

Ok, the Savage Enemy Territory Cup signup period is due to end tomorrow (Friday 11th) and the Cup is set to start next week (Tuesday 15th). I’m guessing the first games will kick off at 8pm UK time so be 10 or 20 minutes early if you can!

If any of you lot CAN'T make Tuesday, please come and tell me ASAP. We will need to have at least 6 (no more than 8) players in order to compete. – If you turn up, make your presence known and you WILL get a game.

So far, 22 clans have signed up, I expect that a few will drop come Tuesday but its still a healthy number to start off with.

Cup Details and fixtures can be found here.

This should be a good laugh; I’m looking forward to it, good luck and have fun people!



 Savage Stopwatch ET sign ups open... Sunday, June 22nd, 2003 - 11:50 CET 

And we're signed up \0/ This is Savage's first go with ET so it looks like they're testing the water with a cup before jumping in head first and opening up a full league. Team sizes will be 8v8 with a 25 minute upper cap on setting the clock. Signups close on the 4th July and the cup itself is due to start the following Tuesday (8th.) With 7 clans on the roster so far things are looking promising.

Let's get practicing those maps ppl

 Almost 30 m8 Thursday, June 19th, 2003 - 18:10 CET 

Dillinger you paddy git:


Have a good one m8, just don't get too messy eh, you've got an exam to sit soon

 Okay, so we're hooked Wednesday, June 18th, 2003 - 01:30 CET 

Second clan game and omg we're all hooked. A gripping 58 minute Goldrush epic, with EQ only conceding the first leg in the last two minutes after some amazing team play to storm the bank. More tk goodness all round, with first mitche's grenades, and then Mark's flamer skills wiping out our entire bank vault defense on more than one occasion Regardless tho, great fun all round, with plenty of giggles and a solid team effort. Cheers again to EQ for flawless chivalry, and here's looking forward to next week

Demos available here.

 \0/ Happy Birthday CGA!! \0/ Sunday, June 15th, 2003 - 02:38 CET 

According to my calculations, CGA is 5 years old today! I think everyone will agree this past year has been somewhat of a success for us. Essentially starting off from scratch, we’ve built ourselves up into a formidable team, stormed our way through Savage’s CCTF Division 2 and practically won Division 1… you know the title should have been ours!

It is my belief that CGA is here to stay. We may have our active and inactive periods in the future but we’ll always be back to play some form of online team game. I guarantee that I’ll be here, rambling my way through another CGA birthday greeting in 5 years time!

Since the birth of CGA, we’ve spent a fair amount of time and effort on games such as Quake 2, Half-Life and Quake 3. It looks like now we are going to spend some time playing a variation of Wolfenstein known as Enemy Territory, which will lead us up to the much anticipated release of Half-Life 2, Doom 3 and Quake 4. Of which we shall be dabbling in all 3.

Here’s to another year of CGA fun and frolics!



 Impressive! etc... Friday, June 13th, 2003 - 00:58 CET 

First night out then, and our first proper opposition for ET turns out to be EarthQuakers, a clan largely made up of the SplashDamage mod team Suppose it's the best place to go wanting to learn stuff, and learn we did. A cracking match running almost the full hour across both leagues, with EQ only picking us by around 5mins on the return leg. Some hilarious tk moments on both parts... digibob rifle grenading Salteh to leave their dynamite unprotected and disarmable, and JP blowing my noodles across the back wall as I ran to disarm it Great fun all round, and a very promising start to our career with the mod. Roll on Savage ET!

 rrraarrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! remember us? Friday, June 13th, 2003 - 01:09 CET 

Ever wanted to see Dill in a nurse's outfit? Here's your chance... CGA Enemy Territory \0/

Stat's here btw...

 Time for a break... Sunday, April 13th, 2003 - 19:48 CET 

As most of our regular members have real life priorities and are finding it increasingly difficult to make our games (myself included – I have an exam to study for) I am going to pull us out of Savage and set CGA inactive as of today.

I reformed CGA in the middle of July 2002 and since then we’ve had roughly 8 games a week for 36 weeks… to be honest, I’ve enjoyed them all - yes even when we got utterly thrashed!

Cheers you lot, CGA has far exceeded my expectations; we’ve had great games with great people, that’s what its all about!

Stay in touch cause CGA WILL be back!

Many thanks to LQ, FLQ, NAO, SCB, TJD, AA, CRT and all the other clans we have played against. Thanks also to Gramps and Savage for providing us with a top quality league!

Apologies to Gramps and the Division 1 clans for pulling out mid season but I believe this has to be done.

Good luck people!


 KAPOW! Sunday, April 13th, 2003 - 14:23 CET 

It was good to see Fyre watching over our flag once again and for someone who has been on a break for a good while now, he did a damn good job of it!

SCB started out very strong on Shining and for the first few minutes I thought they were going to be the stronger team but it wasn’t to be. Two good games, well played SCB, well played CGA and cheers to our admin Foxie.


 Ready! Steady! G..oh bollox not again Wednesday, April 02nd, 2003 - 23:56 CET 

We're off to a great start :P 8:05pm, mere minutes before we're due to join the server for our warm up map, and some penis BT engineer trips over the wrong wire Ah nevermind, another week to prepare for our revenge against nAo for costing us 1st place season...

In the mean time, an offical welcome to new boys Daemon and Epi on Dill's behalf, (as he's a lazy bast and never updates this site :P) tho a bit late in daemon's case since he's been in the clan almost a month now

Epi in action...

Daemon on the rape

Here's looking forward to SCB on Shining and Twisted Base, gl us!

 Soooo Close! Wednesday, February 26th, 2003 - 20:20 CET 

It was messy, badly prepared for, yet we still pulled off some pretty nice team play in the end. Very well played you lot!

Cheers to Doom for dropping in the first game allowing us to play 5v5! At one point, when SS were 3-2 up I thought we were going to regret not fielding 6. SS’s aggressive style caused us one or two wee problems, which we dealt with quite well I thought. The second game felt much more under our control with both teams fielding 6. - Two tight games. wp SS.

Well that’s Savage Season 9 over and done with. All things considered, we did bloody well this season! Second place is a respectable position, only 3 points in it; I know we are capable of taking 6 points off NAO! …We’ll get them ALL next time.

Again, well played to CGA, well played to all the clans who have played against us, both in the league and our friendlys. Cheers to Gramps and Savage for a most enjoyable Season! Oh, and most importantly, cheers to LQ for all his help and letting us use his stuff!

With Scarab and AA in Division 1, Season 10 has the potential to be the toughest yet!



 Tough at the top? Tuesday, February 18th, 2003 - 23:50 CET 

One-a-piece with CTFS big boys Spooks, with a second leg that could well have been a win too had we recovered a little quicker from the hammering they gave us in the first 3 minutes. More of the same team work wise, with some excellent quad intercepts and an amazing dying-moments wind up on the second map in an attempt to even up the score. Not quite enough, but I think we've proved our point now Very well played all, and with only 3 points between us and the top, we face SS next week, whilst Spooks play oG... Here's hoping eh

Demos available here

 Finally, sweet revenge.... Tuesday, February 11th, 2003 - 23:42 CET 

About time we fielded a full team against oG. Very satisfying indeed :P v wp to both kiwi and joki for dealing some inhuman dmg scores in mid on Ultimatum, and nice work all round in another perfect team play effort.

Demos as ever available here.

 Giant Killers? Wednesday, February 05th, 2003 - 00:10 CET 

o....m....f....g! Worth every second of the hassle and wait, this truely had to be the most satisfying week of the league. A nervy start on our most favourably map Heart of the Dungeon almost turns into disaster, with Kiwi making a 'fashionably' late appearence, half way through The's PB l33tness. The match goes well, inbetween pauses, with The only really breaking us in the last half of the game. But Shamus and Doom are too slippery and Joki makes some stunning escort work. The game finishes 13-4 to us, and we're grinning like chesshire cats. They really *are* beatable

(Image: Savage9_cga_vs_the1.jpg)

Truely awe inspiring stuff in the second game, with Mark and I screaming for armour and ammo, playing skin-of-the-teeth defense, only surviving with some brainy run and gun tactics to avoid the standy-railers. Kiwi rips it up in mid, despite the rail trap, allowing Dill and Doom to slip by time and time again.

And the last minute is a classic. Joki on a flag run that seems to take an age, capp'ing in the final second Truely the best performance we've ever put in as a team, v v wp all

(Image: Savage9_cga_vs_the2.jpg)

Demos are available here. Should also be said, cheers QT for stepping in for the first few minutes, much appreciated :P

 p0wned by Savage.... Tuesday, January 28th, 2003 - 23:39 CET 

8:36pm. 36 minutes after the division 2 games were due to start, and we get this. Not impressed. But nevermind, a couple of nice warm up matches against SS in the mean time, and thankfully it seems any connection problems that might have occurred tonight with Nildram have been ruled out permenantly. Guess we'll have to wait till next week

 nm then Wednesday, January 22nd, 2003 - 09:20 CET 

0wned by ntl and a poor turn out against a very beatable nAo side in the second leg... Next season I guess then :/

 Season 9 fixtures.... Monday, January 06th, 2003 - 23:56 CET 

...are up here. Presuming Az don't go up with Quad taking their place division 2 place, we don't technicially start until week 2, with SCB on Gospel and the Grove. Unfortunately I won't be there to see it, but hell, I'm sure 30 degrees in the shade will make up for it hf you lot, see you soon.

 Happy New Year Monday, December 30th, 2002 - 19:13 CET 

Here's wishing everyone good luck in 2003!
To all members enjoyable Q3 CCTF matches!


Lord Quake

 Happy Holidays Monday, December 23rd, 2002 - 23:02 CET 

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year.
Hope all your wishes will be fulfilled

Happy Holidays

Congrats on a very successful year!

Season greetings all!

Lord Quake

 yay! and stuff Wednesday, December 18th, 2002 - 00:07 CET 

Two enjoyable games to end the season against a very chilled out TJD. First leg saw a very close, if rather drawn out cross steal dominate a good ten minutes of the game with a very sneaky cap in the final second to take it to a 3-0 finish. The second game was a bit of a run away train, with little more than free for all with flags for a good portion of the game. Bit of organisation and some good quad timing saw the game back under control to stroll to a 6-1 finish. Very wp TJD, nice to finally play on a decent server without pauses and solid packet loss to contend with.

Demos available here.

And wp CGA, a very impressive first season in division 1, with a couple of real blinders against clans that have up to two years head start on us. w00p!

 Spanked! Wednesday, December 11th, 2002 - 10:58 CET 

*cough* So obviously we missed the point on that map wp scrb, nice moves all round.

Which, with the loss of AA from the league mid-season, leaves us one remaining match. TJD on the Smelter, hopefully pulled forward to next week to avoid the Xmas mess. gl all

 Ph34r the oG rune fetish Tuesday, December 03rd, 2002 - 23:41 CET 

4 restarts? We love it Nevermind, blinder of an evening with only a slight downer at the end in what became an increasingly irritating match. Two top games against a strong SS side, with a nice 6-1 win just before our first Savage game set up a very controlled 6-3 win in the first leg. After continued l33tness on the admin's behalf we eventually got the second leg underway, but on the same end of the map for some reason, winding up to a 2-1 loss. Could've been worse, and with that SS game to keep us grinning we go into next week with scrb on Camper Crossings.... wp all

Demos available here.

 Clanbase Thursday, November 28th, 2002 - 13:24 CET 

As most of you already know, I’ve registered CGA with Clanbase’s International CCTF Ladder.

There is currently very little activity in the ladder but we’ve already been challenged by a clan called col`. It's one 4 v 4 game on Q3WCP9 and Q3WCP5, due to take place on Saturday the 7th of December at 21:00 (UK time I think).

If you want to play, come and tell me, also login and register your availability in the “CGA Calendar” section. I’ve added most of you to our Clanbase site and sent you the details via ICQ. If I have not yet added you and you want to play, speak to me in IRC/ICQ and I’ll sort that out.


Very well played against NAO & SS!



 o...m...f...g Wednesday, November 27th, 2002 - 00:51 CET 

Hardest matches I think I've ever played in competitive Quake but omg was it worth it. 5-1 loss followed by a so so so close 4-4 draw with SS on the Garden. v wp everyone

Demos available here

 Praccys tonight.... Thursday, November 21st, 2002 - 23:39 CET 

...were completely unplayable. Soz you lot, I guess it's just BW being gay. Mebbe we should think about a Jolt port or sommit :/

 w00p! Season 8 off to a top start Tuesday, November 19th, 2002 - 23:49 CET 

Well well well Disappointing first game with nAo's evil eye Cart ripping it up in mid and stalling every attack we mounted long before they begun, resulted in a crushing 9-2 defeat. But then a quick change of players and a reshuffle in tactics made for a gripping 2-2 stalemate start to the second match. Constant pummelling on both sides led to utter chaos with a few flukey shots breaking in our favour. A run away series of caps later and we finish at 6-3 to us.

Gripping stuff, certainly one of the most rewarding games we've played so far in Savage, and definantly well played to all of us, nAo included.

Demos available here

 Season 8 Fixtures... Saturday, November 09th, 2002 - 16:59 CET 

...are up on Savage here. This coming week, (Tuesday 12th) is a default due to Spooks dropping out, but I'm sure Dill can find us sommit to do anyway. Our first real match of the season is Week 2, versus nAo on Spider Crossings. Note we've got SS the week after and both TJD and Og on the same maps as last season. Sommit to do with Gramps that one methinks

Well, here we go again girls and boys, time to see if we really are made of the right stuff

 w00p! Tuesday, October 22nd, 2002 - 22:49 CET 

First place in our first season, don't think we could've done ourselves any prouder

wp all, and see you in season 8 division 1 =)

 This is it... Tuesday, October 22nd, 2002 - 15:25 CET 

One draw gents, just one gl to everyone

 can I get a w00p? Tuesday, October 15th, 2002 - 23:05 CET 

So we finally get a shot at showing what we're worth, and dammit we couldn't have done it in more style. Joint first place team Az on Dead Zone and dammit we hammered the poor bastards Played to all, especially considering the dodgy connection probs, and roll on TJD next week

Demos available here.

 Take a guess... Tuesday, October 08th, 2002 - 22:37 CET 

...after 3 weeks of practice on that map it was bound to happen wasn't it Cheers for such outstanding effort quad etc etc..

Az on Dead Zone next week. First of the season deciders.

 Eeeeek! Tuesday, October 08th, 2002 - 15:46 CET 

Well it turns out that Savage are indeed upgrading their servers for tonight’s games. So make sure you lot download, install and test the new 1.32 point release, well before our games tonight!

You WILL need a legit CD key (if you don't already have one) or you won’t be able to connect to the servers.

Its very short notice and will cause some clans problems tonight.

If you have any problems or doubts about playing tonight as a result of the new point release being enforced so early, contact me ASAP!


 New Quake 3 Point Release out today! Tuesday, October 08th, 2002 - 10:55 CET 

Yep, the new 1.32 update with Punk Buster (anti cheat wotsit) has been released. You can download it from here by all means but DO NOT install it! The Savage league and Jolt public servers have not yet been updated and may not be for another week or so. The Savage servers may not be upgraded until next season.

PS: You’ll all need a legit CD key!


 On a roll... Wednesday, October 02nd, 2002 - 23:06 CET 

Two very enjoyable games against SS tonight, despite dodgy connections on both parts and the occassional drop out. Deceptively challenging despite the final score lines, with some class tp on our part winning the edge. That and our resident monkeyboy

Played all

 ...move along... Wednesday, October 02nd, 2002 - 00:36 CET 

...nothing to see here :/ Same time next week people, and you never know, Savage may have sorted themselves out by then. We might even find out more than an hour ahead of time too

 Glee!! Tuesday, October 01st, 2002 - 01:07 CET 

It was disappointing last Tuesday night not to get stuck into our Savage league games but we definitely made up for it in the AA and SS games played instead.

The two current leaders of Division 1... well played people!!

Lets hope savage get their servers sorted out this week so we can get on with our league games.


 Savage League Postponed! Tuesday, September 24th, 2002 - 13:07 CET 

Unfortunately the Savage league servers have been having some technical problems recently and as a result, the CCTF league is postponed for a week (maybe two) until the problems are fixed.

That’s fine by me; it means we have more time to practise CCTF10.


 Uneventful week... Wednesday, September 18th, 2002 - 23:57 CET 

Tonne of praccy on that godawful map, and what do you get for it? A default win :/ A no show from Savage regulars SUX leaves us tied for points at the top of the table with caps difference settling the score.

CCTF10 next week. Plenty of time to leech the .pak, which can be found on Savage's news page. Let's hope quad show a little more interest than SUX did...

 WOOP WOOP WOOP Tuesday, September 10th, 2002 - 23:13 CET 

Another 6 points on the Savage league table as CGA fought for yet another clean sheet

Looks like CGA is on a role

Lord Quake

 WOW, 2 super Savage wins! Wednesday, September 04th, 2002 - 20:35 CET 

Lord Quake

 Season 7 has begun! Thursday, August 29th, 2002 - 07:34 CET 

Lord Quake

 Hard fought games! Tuesday, August 20th, 2002 - 23:56 CET 

I'd better not join the nme as merc as this seems to always bring CGA bad luck

But I like it

Lord Quake

 Savage Season 7 Saturday, August 17th, 2002 - 23:32 CET 

Well, I’ve signed CGA up for the Savage CCTF league (season 7). We will be in Division 2 and games will be played on Tuesdays at 8pm UK time, commencing Tuesday 27th August.

Most of our recent friendlies have been against Division 1 clans and we have actually competed fairly well for a clan that has been playing together for little over a month!

I’m confident CGA will do very well this season, provided you lot turn up for the games!

Bout time we sorted out some proper tactics...



 Hhhhhmmmm..... Friday, August 09th, 2002 - 23:52 CET 

Due to popular demand and being put under presure by our very good friend DOOM here the screenies of our last games

Sloppy sloppy. I shouilda played with the nme

Lord Quake

 Lordy defects clan Thursday, August 01st, 2002 - 23:20 CET 

You read right folks!

Lordy turns his back on CGA

... but just for todays games

I was placed as defender which wouldn't had been so bad but it was real hard tooling up all the time. The weapons and ammos are to far from the flag. As soon as I left the area the NME got the flag which always was a bummer
Nonetheless we (nAo) managed to pull off the win by 1 frag

Second game started bad for nAo. Again I was asked to defend and it was even more frustrating this time. Halfway thru the game I figured, might as well switch to attack since we were down several caps. Low and behold I kinda got succesfull even capping for nAo and the end result was a comfi win for us (nAo)

Sorry CGA m8y's. Better luck next time

Lord Quake

 Yea win some and yea loss some Wednesday, July 31st, 2002 - 23:47 CET 

I have no idea how it went as I wasn't present

Lord Quake

 Tough 2 games Tuesday, July 30th, 2002 - 22:10 CET 

Well, tonight we got alot more competition. Good thing to as we were getting abit worried if we were to good

Nonetheless the 2 games were solid on both sides.
TJD always came in with coordinated attacks. Our defense did a dandy job in holding our flag. To bad the enemy got thru at times

Second game was closer than the first one and we actually could have even tied it but time ran out.

Was 2 great games

Lord Quake

 Defense ruled today Monday, July 29th, 2002 - 23:15 CET 

Today's game saw CGA play against Gugaruz. Unfortunately Gugaruz where 30min late but nonetheless they finally showed up, almost as a full team

When the game got started CGA quickly got several caps thanks to our suprimo leader Dill

Defense on our side was great with awesome railing by our very one CGA*Joki

Another satisfying score

Lord Quake

 Dandy practice again Sunday, July 28th, 2002 - 22:30 CET 

Well, the first game was a dandy and close to boot

Every player kept there guards up and it was difficult for both sides to get to the flag.

In the second game AA got a bit uncoordinated and attacked more thereby opening the doors for our flagsnatcher to do his thingy

Well played all!

Lord Quake

 WooHaa, 2 wicked games Friday, July 26th, 2002 - 13:33 CET 

Thanks to evenly matched clans our 2 games against AA where great to watch.

Both clans where coordinated on the playing frield and each player held positions well through out the games. This made capping the enemies flag tough.

Skill level was high. This especialy goes true for the rail gunners in the match

The scores don't do justice to the actual hard fought games

DEMO file here

DEMO file here

Lord Quake

 More nice games Wednesday, July 24th, 2002 - 22:33 CET 

Unfortunately SPKS weren't able to make it so we had mercs jump in to take there place.
Tuesdays match was a close fought game with the sides taking turns in capping the flag. It was a real nice game with mayhem in the quad area

Todays game against FLQ was a dandy one as well albiet a bit one sided.
Finaly a different map was used

Also a note that QT finaly got her keyboard sorted.
Just goes to show that tea and Quake don't mix

Members: Check out the demo here to study each others game play

Lord Quake

 Tough game this was Monday, July 22nd, 2002 - 23:11 CET 

Tough one this was
Unfortunately QT had to leave midway because she spilled her tea all over the keyboard
It was kinda funny watching her play as she was losing her runes all the time

Lord Quake

 A win and a loss v nAo Saturday, July 20th, 2002 - 16:37 CET 

Thursdays friendly put CGA against nAo.
The first game went quiet well on our part, us putting up a healthy lead at the beginning of the match.
In the end we where somewhat sloppy and just got away with a close win

In the second game nAo turned it up and clearly held us at bay. Our coordination suffered somewhat giving nAo a clear win

Lord Quake

 Another CGA win today! Wednesday, July 17th, 2002 - 23:42 CET 

On there only second friendly CGA came out victorious again.

It was a dandy game with the end score 15 : 2

Unfortunately FLQ only had 2 players with the rest being mercs.
Hope more FLQ players show up next wednesday

Lord Quake

 CGA revised! :-) Tuesday, July 09th, 2002 - 20:50 CET 

Stay tuned for the new adventures of CGA

Lord Quake

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