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 Tuesday 30 November 1999, 12:25 CET - Savage Map List

Savage have finally gotten around to deciding the rest of the maps for season 8.
Here they are:

week 1 - Q2CTF1
week 2 - Q2CTF3
week 3 - Q2CTF2
week 4 - SPoGCTF1
week 5 - Q2CTF4
week 6 - Q2CTF05b
week 7 - Q2CTF2K1

You can download Q2CTF2K1 from our files page.
This is a very beautiful map. I figure we will have many standoffs on this map tho. It doesn't have BFG or Quad!
Here are the details:

   Quad-damage : no
   Powershields : no
   Adrenaline : no
   Backback : yes, 1 near each base.
   Megahealth : yes, 1 in tower on midfield.
   Red Armor : yes, 1 near each base.
   Yellow Armor : yes, 1 in each base.
   Green Armor : no
   BFG : no
   Hyperblaster : no
   Shotgun : no
   Super Shotgun : yes
   Machinegun : yes
   Chaingun : yes
   Grenade launcher: yes
   Rocket Launcher : yes
   Railgun : yes

Lord Quake

 Monday 29 November 1999, 9:25 CET - New Trialist

Gang, I want to welcome a new recruit to our ranks. His name is Taffy and he's eager to show his stuff so please give him a warm welcome.

I have setup Rocket Arena 2 on our server running on port 27912. We should practice 1 on 1 to better our shooting skills ;)

Lord Quake

 Sunday 28 November 1999, 15:10 CET - Match lineup (Update!), NKO reminder

Draw against TAA

Today we had our first season 8 savage match and I think we can be happy with the outcome!
We definitely had the skills to win both games and we did a very good job at it.
The first game was a nice and even matched where both sides held there positions very well. It was fun and somewhat nerve wrecking too, especially towards the end where a last second cap looked very likely! But luckily it didn't happen :)
Unfortunately Lord Quake's Quake2 crashed in the game so we where down to 5 players. But even with 5 we held our guard. Good work men!

We where quit optimistic for the second game and it started out ok for us. We did have to bite on 2 caps by TAA but it wasn't hopeless. So it was 3 : 1 for TAA when our defence broke. Unfortunately one of our players got disconnected and couldn't reconnect again. So we where only 5 for the most part of the match. In addition Lord Quake's Quake2 crashed once more and for a short time we where only 4 players. Well TAA took full advantage of the situation with the end score being 8 : 2 for TAA.
Again well played to both teams. Definitely very even matched players. Til we meet again some time :)

OK, we have our first savage match against clan TAA today.
Make sure you all have read the tactics. It's very important that people hold their positions on this one else we'll get thrashed and Lordy doesn't like that ;)

Players for the match are as follows:

   Player1 - LordQuake
   Player2 - Qrush
   Player3 - MonkeyKing
   Player4 - Taifun
   Player5 - ObDeath
   Player6 - Dillinger
   Sub - none!

Tactics Updated to Ver. 1.2 !

Good luck to you.

Just a reminder that we play NKO at 15:30GMT. All savage players must attend!

Lord Quake

 Saturday 27 November 1999, 14:55 CET - Private Message Board

OK peeps, a private message board is up for your pleasure. Goto the "Private" page and click on the link. Place your comments there that are not meant to be seen on our public message board! ;)

Also, don't forget our praccy with Clan -BB- tonight at 7:00 GMT! --> Message Board

Lord Quake

 Thursday 25 November 1999, 20:45 CET - BWCTFL no more!!!!!


Well that didn't take long! BWCTFL has folded or at least is not running atm. Here's a small bit about the situation taken from the news section of BWCTL:

Unfortunately "Haste" no longer has the time to run the league. Therefore for the time being, the league is in suspended animation (again). Hopefully "Haste" will mail round the teams involved to inform you all properly.
Update by Tinky - 25/11/99 - 19:16

I have to say that this is a real shame because I, and I'm sure most of you too, was really looking forward to the games. And I was also anxious of admining some matches too.
Oh well, life sucks I guess. Hope we get an official statement soon.
I will remove all BWCTFL stuff from the page for the moment.

Lord Quake

 Wendnesday 24 November 1999, 13:55 CET - Savage fixures

Savage League

The Savage dudes have finally put up the fixures for division 4, albeit not complete but the first 2 maps are known. So Dill, get that grapple sharpened! ;)
Please visit the schedule page (I don't have to remind you but I can't sleep if I'm not sure that all read it) and the message board to post your participation (Thnx Taifun).

It will most definitely be a difficult season for us but I'm more than sure that we can hold our position!


I have been asked by the league to participate in administrating league matches. I have agreed and will probably admin my first games this coming thursday.
I have also agreed that our server be available as a backup server for the BWCTFL.
The server will only be used for league matches on thursdays!

At the present our server is set up to BWCTFL rules - QUAD ON, NO BFG - running L-Fire 1.20.

Lord Quake

 Friday 19 November 1999, 00:50 CET - First 2 wins in BWCTFL :)

Well, what can I say but well played to all players! Nothing much to say actually.

At first we thought we where going to have a hard time because 1 of our players couldn't show up. When we finally started it turned out that GnA could only field 3 players. That made our 1st game much easier.

The second, after a very long delay, was played on CGA's own server and we decided in all fairness to play 3 v 3 (Thnx Taifun ;). Again we seemed to have the upper hand in all positions, especially quad control. GnA did however slip in a quickie while Dill was still joining the game.
Thnx for the game GnA and for staying to the end!

Lord Quake

 Thusrsday 18 November 1999, 17:00 CET - BWCTFL lineup

OK, we have our first BWCTFL match against clan GNA today.
Make sure you all have read the tactics. It's very important that people hold their positions on this one else we'll get thrashed.

Players for the match are as follows:

   Player1 - LordQuake
   Player2 - Qrush
   Player3 - Taifun
   Player4 - ObDeath
   Player5 - Monkeyking
   Player6 - Dillinger
   Sub - none!

Game starts at 21:00 GMT! Please show up 15 min before the game on both irc servers #cga

Good luck to you.

Sad news today. Silver has asked to be placed on the inactive list due to personal reasons.
We are now in a situation that we don't have enough reservers and that means we should be for the lookout for good and experienced players to join CGA.

Lord Quake

 Wendnesday 17th November 1999, 15:55 CET - Season 8 Schedules!

Well boys and girls, seems our rest is short lived.
Season 8 of the Savage League starts in less than 2 weeks!

Here are the dates:

Week 1 Season 8

Week 2 Season 8

Week 3 Season 8

Week 4 Season 8

Week 5 Season 8

Week 6 Season 8

Week 7 Season 8

Maps are still to be defined.

Lord Quake

 Sunday 14th November 1999, 18:55 CET - Message Board and Schedules!

I want to remind everyone that we play our first BWCTFL match on thursday. I'm somewhat disappointed that only 3 members have managed to read the message board and answer it!! :(
Also many members have forgotten that we had some friendlies this weekend e.g. NKO at 16:30 CET!!
Please read the message board and the schedules page and answer them if asked to!!
Remember, we need 8 players for Thursday!

I have asked BWCTFL to send me the configs for L-Fire. As soon as I get them I'll put up a L-Fire server with the BWCTFL maps on port 27910.

Lord Quake

 Saturday 13th November 1999, 15:55 CET - Quiet weekend :)

I have asked BWCTFL to send me thier configs for L-Fire so I can set up the same on our Q2 server using BWCTFL maps. Stay tuned...

For those who would like to know some page statics can click on the counter to find out. The information will expand as soon as I finish coding more stuff.

Lord Quake

 Wendnesday 10th November 1999, 11:20 CET - BWCTFL schedule up!

BWCTFL have posted more information. Please read the rules (go to link in the right menu) very carefully. Please feel free to ask questions on the message board if you don't understand anything about the rules!

The first match we have has also been posted so please visit the our schedules for that!

I have opened a thread on the message board to see which members want to/can participate in BWCTFL on a regular basis. I would like to know if we can field 6 players on a permanent basis.

Lord Quake

 Sunday 7th November 1999, 22:40 CET - Another great Savage match!


The match started out for us on a bad note because 2 scheduled players had to call off there participation on short notice.
The second shocker came when our main attacker (Dillinger) couldn't get online thru his usual ISP! Now yours truly was starting to wet his panties ;) Thru the kind help of ObDeath, Dillinger managed to get online just in the nick of time!
When we entered the server we had the usual "lag heaven" :(

We knew the game against SPAM would be tough and was it ever!
First game went off as usual with every one going for techs and ammo and it didn't take long for us to get the enemies flag. Unfortunately SPAM was also successful in getting our flag :( After 2min we already had a stalemate and it was more or less defence on both sides, and what defence it was. Everyone held there positions very well, ObDeath (FC) was moving about like a crazy man fighting off the enemy. We where in these situations before in practices we had on this map and we knew getting the flag back would be tough. Well, after 18min of game play the match ended in a draw 0 : 0. Well played guys, especially the defence! It was awesome :)

The second game started out just like the first, skat for the stuff ;) This time SPAM quickly capped the first flag and it looked like we had a tough game ahead of us. Fortunately we quickly recapped because SPAM'S flag carrier overflowed and that brought SPAM out of there concept. We got the enemies flag home and found our rythm capping 7 more times. Our Defence was fabulous and didn't give the enemy a chance. Likewise under very bad lag did our 3 attackers do a perfect job in removing the enemies flag and bringing it home! It was great fun for all of us. Thanks goes out to SPAM for a very well played match!

Well, we are solid 4th in DIV 5 and that means WE MOVE UP to DIV 4 (back home ;).
We have a lot of work but I think we can cut it.

My congratulations go out to all members on a job well done this season!

Lord Quake

MonkeyKing and Cl@f can't attend the tonight's game so I've revised the line up (and tactics).
We now also need a sub!!!

Here is the new lineup for our last game in Savage Season 7:

   Player1 - Qrush
   Player2 - LordQuake
   Player3 - Ironfist
   Player4 - Taifun
   Player5 - ObDeath
   Player6 - Dillinger
   Sub - Need one!

Lord Quake

 Saturday 6th November 1999, 23:25 CET - Lineup for last Season 7 match is up!

All players in tomorrows match must read the updated tactics (ver. 1.1) for map Q2CTFW4.

Here is the lineup for our last game in Savage Season 7:

   Player1 - Qrush
   Player2 - MonkeyKing
   Player3 - Ironfist
   Player4 - Taifun
   Player5 - ObDeath
   Player6 - Dillinger
   Sub - LordQuake

Please read the tactics carefully!

I have set up the links for the BWCTFL in the right menu.
Read the rules as it is very important to understand them.

Lee_Funk has asked me to put him on the inactive list due to the fact that his connection is unbearable. Lee_Funk is gearing up to get cable in December and should be ready then to actively participate in the clan activities again.

Lord Quake

 Wendnesday 3rd November 1999, 23:00 CET - CGA joins the BWCTFL

OK members. I want to announce that we have joined the BWCTFL.
Entering in an additional league should greatly improve our skills for match games.
I will update here when more details become available.

Lord Quake

 Tuesday 2nd November 1999, 19:00 CET - New recruit joins CGA

Taifun and I have been very busy finding solid DMer's with CTF experience, LPB's and know life in a clan.
One of these recruits has been accepted for trial in CGA.
His name is Silver formally known as - Seßas - and comes to us from clan bYc who are in DIV 1, presently lying in 4th place!
Silver is looking for a fresh start and wants this to be in CGA.
His connection is ISDN and has excellent pings on Barrys servers, ours too I might add ;)
Favorite weapon? Yip you guessed it - RAIL GUN - :)))
More info will be posted on the members page later.
So a big welcome and good luck to ya Silver!

Lord Quake

 Monday 1st November 1999, 22:15 CET - Savage win for CGA!

Congtrats to all players involved in a fine clean victory for CGA!

Going into the Savage match against DI we new we had a good chance of winning both games.
It started out to be interesting because DI had a hard time of getting there players together on the server in time. To top it off, some DI players where even downloading the map before the game!! We all got a kick out of that ;) That probably made us feel even more confident ;)
Well the game started 20min late but we finally got it going, DI was 1 or 2 men down at first but eventually had 6 players after about 5 min into the game. We could capitalize on the situation and made several caps at that time. DI never did get into the grove and we won the first game comfortably 9 : 0.

Our confidence was even more secured now and so we went into the 2nd game with a sure victory. But we were having a tougher time this time around. DI was getting the quad more than we would have liked and where managing to get thru our defenses too easily! It soon was 2 : 1 and yours truly was losing that huge confidence and getting somewhat nervous :( As the game progressed we starting to get back in the thick of things and could hold the more aggressive onslaught from DI back. It seems they decided to attack with more players and that opened up their defense, which our attackers could turn into caps. When all was done with we could be proud of winning the 2nd game 6 : 2.
1 funny thing happened in the game with Dill and me. We re spawned exactly on the same spot and couldn't move. I was shouting ;) at the admin for help - he said to type "kill" and we where free hehe.

Here is the log:
   CGA-LordQuake: admin help
   Admin-RH: ?
   CGA-LordQuake: we are stuck!!!!
   CGA-Dill: wtf??!
   CGA-LordQuake: help
   Admin-RH: use kill

The chances of going up to Div 4 has greatly improved thru this win!

Very well done team!

I would like to announce our new Deputy Clan Leader. You have spoken and have decided to give our very own Taifun the honor ;)
The responsibility that lies in this position is tremendous but we all agree that Taifun will handle it with utmost professionalism and seriousness that we have come to know.
Qrush's priorities will shift soon because he will be daddy Qrush teaching the skills for our future youth in the clan ;)
As you all might know, we are in desperate need of railers so we can't start soon enough ;) Thnx m8!

Maudib has asked me to put him on the "Inactive" list due to too many restraints he is having in real life (work). The millennium bug is just around the corner and must be BFG'd before the century ends! ;)

I have asked Platoon to look for another Clan since he hasn't enough time to play seriously with us. We all want to wish him the best.

I will announce 2 new recruits that we will have on a trial basis tomorrow.

Lord Quake

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