We don't want to write a bible, but if we want a well-organized and structured clan, we must follow some rules.


I           Behavior


a.        General: As member you are a representative of the clan CGA. Your behavior must be beyond all reproach!

b.        Member: If you have some trouble with another member, then try to resolve it privately e.g. IRC, ICQ, etc. Do not bicker/bitch publicly! If you cannot resolve the situation yourselves the clan leader (or deputy leader) may be available to mediate the disagreement.

c.        Message Board: It's a public forum! ! ! Don't post insults, porn or anything else of an offensive nature. Other people don't have to see our personal thoughts ;) Please, KEEP IT CLEAN!

d.        Match Match (e.g. Official matches, friendlies, & practices) when you are playing against other clans, people etc. remember that you are a team. If one is loosing then all are loosing, we must show solidarity and fair play! During the game, if you have a bad ping or if it's laggy, then ask the team captain if you can be replaced with a sub, if there is no sub available, keep playing, only the team captain tells you if you have to leave or to switch to observer. But in all cases, don't leave the game or else expect consequences!

e.        If you have some trouble with an admin, keep it cool, talk to your team captain who will make the appropriate decision.


II         Duties


a.        The Message Board: You MUST read and answer the message board. It's the ONLY official way to inform members and to be informed of incoming events or something else! E.g. Matches, practices, training sessions... absences, etc... It saves a lot of time for all, especially: Matchmaker, Web page Designer,... PLEASE check the clan page daily! IRC, Mail or ICQ are NOT official notification sources!

b.        CGA WILL BE YOUR ONLY CLAN IN THE LEAGUE BEING PLAYED IN! ! ! Participation in other leagues with other clans is permitted only if it does not conflict with CGA's interests. CGA has top priority! Failure to observe this rule will result in a reconsideration of your CGA membership. :)

c.        Password and Tactical: KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF! If another member has lost his password, then he will ask the leader (no one else).

d.        DEDICATION! (Word is self-explanatory J)


III        Game participation


At all events e.g. matches, practices, training sessions etc. All members have to show up 15 min before the event on our IRC channel: #cga


a.        A regular attendance at the posted events will encourage your selection for matches.

b.        Chronological priority will be given to members who apply for matches via the Message Board.

c.        Members who regularly attend practices will be given priority for official league matches.

d.        "Active" membership status means that you must participate on at least 2 practice dates.

e.        Being "Inactive" for more than 4 months means that you are no longer member of the clan and will be removed from the member list. Exceptions may be applied.

f.        Keep your eye on the tactical message board, it could be useful!

g.        Substitutes: you have to know the tactics just as well as the players. If it is an official match then keep an eye on the IRC channel during the match, you may be required to replace a player who has overflow or ping problems.


IV         Sanctions


               Damn! Do we have to talk about that? ! ? L

Ok then, action will be taken against those who don't respect our rules and/or bring the name of CGA into disrepute.

The Clan Leader makes the final decision for the disciplinary procedures and also any amendments to this document, which he deems necessary.

E.g. there might be some matches, which u will have to be present but you won't play.

    - You could be put on the inactive list

    - Kicked from the team

    - BANNED from the clan (extreme procedure)


In order to become a (trial)member of CGA you MUST accept all of the terms and conditions set out above!


I have carefully read the above rules and understand all terms and consequences!

Please enter your name:

I Accept the Terms!    I do NOT Accept the Terms! 


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